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If you ask people stationed in Colorado Springs about where to live, they are very likely to recommend Briargate. This is a fantastic area for families and is conveniently located near most installations. The “big brand” (and luxury brand) shopping is centralized here, and the area is bursting with amenities. Fantastic schools, tightly knit communities, larger homes set on bigger lots, and incredible mountain vistas make this a top contender for most families PCSing to the area.

Here in the suburbs, you’ll find a ton of military families, retirees, as well as the working class and professionals of Colorado Springs. This is a very popular area for the Air Force Academy because of its proximity to the school, but many find the commute to other installations reasonable as well.

Most of the homes in the area were built over the last 20 years. There was a boom in building in the 1990s, then a lull, but now you’ will find construction taking off again and spreading northward. This provides ample opportunity to find newer neighborhoods and a chance at personalized construction, if that is what you are looking for. The neighborhoods are very family-friendly and planned out in a way to foster a strong sense of community. Trails, parks, well-lit sidewalks and mature and well-maintained landscaping are common. Some of the neighborhoods have a “cookie-cutter” feel to them, but newer construction is widely available as well. Homes here tend to be roomier and have more land, as well as, some variation in elevation—not just parcels of flat farmland. Some homes are set on hillsides and most have stunning mountain views.

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