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Drawing on the appeal and attraction of historical buildings and homes, the westside is an amazing marriage of old and new. Buffered not only by both Old Colorado City charm and Downtown Colorado Springs action, but open space and hiking trails as well the westside is a wonderful place to live. West Colorado Springs is located in the absolute middle of an outdoorsman’s haven! This area is covered in trails, hiking, beautiful views, and wonderful golf courses.

Exploring Garden of the Gods, venturing into the Cave of the Winds, or playing golf on the Kissing Camels Golf Course, you cant go wrong! With much of West Colorado Springs in the National Forest, you’re sure to see an abundance of wildlife, and if you head to the zoo down the road, you’ll see much more! While the wealthy mine owners settled in their palatial estates higher up in the hills, the miners and railroad workers flocked to West Colorado Springs. This area is proud of it’s blue-collar origins and has remained true to it’s eclectic roots. Here, you would have found the saloons and shops that were the lifeblood of the old gold rush towns. Some of those pieces of history have been preserved and celebrated in Old Colorado City, which today is a large tourist draw. West is very convenient to Central Colorado City, the “downtown” area, and also near to natural wonders like Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. If you are looking for homes on an incline, proximity to epic trailheads, and the classic Colorado lifestyle, this is your place.

The inhabitants of West Colorado Springs area as eclectic as the homes. Young couples and singles abound because of the proximity of Central shopping and nightlife. Diverse, young, hip and trendy are all descriptors used to describe the area’s residents.

Rich in history and character, West has something for everyone. You can find elegant Victorians, quaint arts and crafts bungalows from the ’20s-’30s, mid-century ranches, as well as high-end new builds. Nearby quaint shops and restaurants sprinkle life here with its own local flavor.

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